Bailey: A small town's history

In the 1860’s, a time of great promise for settlers and homesteaders, young William Bailey, his new wife Ann Bailey, and her sister Elizabeth Entriken migrated to Colorado. The Baileys and Elizabeth Entriken, along with Elizabeth’s brother Father John Dyer, settled and built a log home at the foot of Crow Hill in 1864. They named their new residence Bailey's Ranch. Time progressed and the small settlement expanded. A post office was approved and built five miles from Bailey's Ranch, and an official town name of 'Bailey's' was established in 1870. Shortly thereafter, to comply with new government requirements for naming towns, the name was changed to Bailey.

Westward expansion kept increasing, endlessly pushing the boundaries for living across the United States. The railway also continued expanding further, bringing transportation and communication to previously secluded areas of the West. One such area was Bailey. In the summer of 1879, the narrow gauge Denver and South Park Railroad came to Bailey. On July 8, the railway had reached Pine Grove, and by October, it had reached Bailey's Ranch, largely following the North fork of the South Platte River.