Bailey: A small town's history (continued)

Life became somewhat routine in Bailey until, in 1909, a flood ravaged through the river canyon area, destroying 13 miles of railroad tracks. Settling mud and silt from the rushing water raised the street level in the town by more than three feet. The town was repaired from flood damage and improvements were made. However, the railroad began to lose business due to the increased use of trucks to carry much of the freight previously handled by trains, and in 1937 the Denver and South Park Railroad went out of business. By 1938 the railroad tracks were pulled up, marking the end of a significant, historic time for the small town.

Bailey was built on one man's determination and perseverance. The town has continued to grow slowly and steadily over the years, but remains a warm, friendly, and close-knit mountain community.

- Written by William Demaniow 2011